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North Florida Renovations provides interior and exterior painting services for the homes, lanais, decks and everything residential. We insist that quality and customer service comes first. You can expect our attention to detail to meet or exceed yours.

In addition to our residential painting projects, we also provide commercial painting services. We make every effort to ensure that our commercial painting projects are well-planned and minimize operational disruption. Our professional crews are equipped to provide a full scale of exterior work; whether we are working in a supermarket, hospital, hotel or public school, you can be assured that we will provide professional painters and the highest quality equipment and supplies to ensure your needs are met. We have extensive experience working on military housing projects at Mayport, FL and Kings Bay, GA.

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At North Florida Renovations, we provide a full range of painting and other home improvement services, including:

Commercial Painting

North Florida Renovation Commercial Painting

Residential Painting

North Florida Renovation Interior Painting

Pressure Washing

North Florida Renovation Pressure Washing

Whether it’s a home or a commercial building, we encourage you to take advantage of our pressure washing service to remove the infamous North Florida mildew build-up, especially before any new exterior painting project. This service is perfect for vinyl, stucco, brick and wood buildings, as well as sidewalks, driveways, decks and roofs. Our pressure washing team is friendly, experienced, and ready to get the job done right the first time.

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Interior Painting


Interior painting is by far one of the best ways to freshen up a single room or your entire home. Starting an interior painting project can be both thrilling and exhilarating, but it can easily turn into a time consuming task with a lot of splattered paint, especially if you don’t have the appropriate equipment or experience. If you are tired of looking at a dull room and need a specialized company that provides quality interior painting and a no mess guarantee, North Florida Renovations can transform your room or entire house with a whole new look that will reveal your style and personality.

Drywall Repair

North Florida Renovation Drywall Repair

Drywall, also known as plasterboard, gypsum board or sheetrock, is a construction and building material primarily used to create interior walls and ceilings in residential and commercial structures. Unlike older plastering techniques, drywall installation is simple and provides an added fire-resistance barrier to your home or business. If your drywall is damaged from moving furniture or stained from water damage, call us today.

Exterior Painting

North Florida Renovation Exterior Painting

A new paint job can aesthetically transform the look of a home or business, and it will drastically increase a buildings curb appeal. If you have exterior paint that is peeling, chalking, blistering, fading, or it’s beginning to crack, don’t wait any longer – call us. Your home and/or business is an investment, and painting the exterior will prolong its life by protecting it against the elements, such as rain, sun and wind. How long an exterior paint job will last depends on the location of the structure being painted, the quality of the preparation, the type and quality of paint used, and how it is applied. If you are tired of your old, fading paint and would like to receive a free, written estimate for quality exterior painting, call North Florida Renovations today!

Knock-Down Texture Ceiling

North Florida Renovation Knockdown Ceiling

Knock-down texture is a drywall completion technique used to modernize and/or renovate your existing ceiling or walls. Knock-down texture is a completely safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous, water-based material that, when applied correctly, creates a blotchy surface. It is simply created by watering down joint compound (also known as drywall compound or drywall mud) to a creamy substance. The name “knock-down” comes from one of the final stages of the job, when a large knock-down knife is utilized to even out the texture applied to the ceiling or walls.

Rotten Wood Replacement

Water Proofing

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